The Gift of Language LLC


The Gift of Language

The Gift of Language was born in 2013, as a necessity for my kids to learn and keep the Spanish language. I had tried many programs and none met my expectations.  Since I grew up in Latin America, I know conversation is an important piece of the puzzle of learning another language.

In addition, I believe that the key to language success is practice, practice and more practice. Learning a language requires motivation and drive, but when it is fun at the same time it becomes a whole lot easier. Making learning Spanish a fun experience is the main thing I’ve incorporated in all my teaching over the years.

Languages are like a puzzle and once you figure out the pieces your brain will take off and never look back. We will build vocabulary and verb conjugation in order to make that happen.

Our curriculum incorporates a mix of culture, grammar and intrigue in a real life immersion setting in each camp. Students will learn about various Spanish-speaking countries through projects inspired by each culture. They will get to experience a little bit of what it is like to travel to each of these desirable areas, learning about the country’s music, food, entertainment and more.


The Gift of Language Spanish Learning Center focuses primarily on listening and speaking skills.

Our instructors use dramatic presentations, clear visuals, miming gestures, and facial expressions to enhance both comprehension and fun while immersed in the Spanish language. By  using these varied methods of learning, children will adapt their second language into their lives without needing  to translate everything.

Our classes have multiple components; singing, story time, occasional outdoor activities, instruction time and arts &crafts. All these activities are designed to appeal to a young child’s sense of discovery and wonder.

Our small groups of 5 to 6 children fosters individualized learning. Our instructors challenge each child to develop comprehension, basic verbal skills, and increased spontaneous speech at his or her own pace.

Most language learners want to speak a language before they can do anything else, because communication is key.