The Gift of Language LLC


The Gift of Language Spanish Immersion Program provides a total language immersion experience in a multicultural setting for students seeking to become proficient in two languages – English and Spanish.


The Gift of Language was born in 2013, as a necessity for my kids to learn and keep the language, tried many programs and none fulfilled my expectations, given that I grew up in Latin America, conversation is an important piece of the puzzle of learning another language.


The Gift Of Language Center is a Spanish Immersion Preschool that provides an
outstanding curriculum with a high level of academic excellence.

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The Gift of Language Saturday Spanish Immersion School exposes your child to the love of learning Spanish ensuring success in the key areas of language development – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The student (s), teacher (and parent, if applicable) develop goals and the Gift of Language Center will create unique lessons to help that individual reach their goal.

The student is already enrolled in Spanish class and is looking for additional support, or simply wants an hour of conversation practice.

We will have a similar experience, while focusing a bit more on grammar. Most language learners want to speak a language before they can do anything else, because communication is key.

To register for a program, download the application form, complete it and send it to our email.


Classes online and in person.


Registration is now open and is on a first come, first served basis.

Immerse your child in Spanish this summer! Join our Spanish Inmersion Summer Camp to experience a totally new world. We combine classroom instruction with fun hands-on activities.


  • One-time assessment and registration fee of $ 100
  •  Monthly fee for 12 months with Automatic Debit: $290/ Month (first child, each
    additional child, $275)
  • One-time assessment and registration fee of $100
  • Monthly fee for 6 months with Automatic Debit: $305/ Month (first child, each
    additional child, $ 290)
  • One-time assessment and registration fee of $ 100
  • Monthly fee for 3 months with Automatic Debit: $320/ Month ( first child, each
    additional child $305)
  • One-time registration fee of $50
  •  1-Hour Lesson, $85


We go to your place

Languages are like a puzzle.

Once you figure out the key, your brain will take off and never look back.

In addition, I believe that the key to language success is practice, practice and more practice. Learning a language requires motivation and drive, but when it is fun at the same time, it becomes a whole lot easier. This is the main thing that I incorporated in all of teaching over the years.

Diana Hernandez

Founder of The Gift of Language LLC